Daily Defense Mist

Daily Defense Mist

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Defends against key environmental toxins to reduce skin damage and help prevent aging while offering an instant boost of hydration to your skin!
Defends against...
✅UV Radiation which causes DNA damage, accelerates the aging process and can potentially lead to skin cancer.
✅Environmental Pollutants which contribute to the breakdown of skin's extracellular matrix, including collagen & elastin.
✅Blue Light with an oxidative effect similar to UV light. Blue Light contributes to skin damage, inflammation and the weakening of the skin's surface.
✅Free Radicals which trigger a chain reaction in the body leading to cell damage, accelerated aging and potentially to skin cancer.
Key Benefits...
☑Strengthening the skin's natural defenses against damage caused by environmental stressor
☑Helps reduce signs of premature aging caused by oxidation from free radical exposure
☑Aids in reducing skin damage caused by exposure to blue light and delivers instant hydration
After using your cleanser, toner, treatment serums and broad spectrum SPF, hold the spray 8-10 inches away from face and mist directly onto skin. Can be applied after makeup application. Reapply throughout the day for optimal hydration and protection.

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