Hydrogel Face Mask
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Hydrogel Face Mask

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SkinLite Hydrogel Mask is designed to enhance phototherapy results. The specially formulated Hydrogel Mask is designed to let photons of light emitted by SkinLite LED face mask to pass through and penetrate into the skin.


• Increased effectiveness with SkinLite LED Face Mask

• Increased hydration and oxygenation

• Noticeable firming and plumping of the skin


1. Prepare skin using a cleanser or exfoliator, removing any dirt, oil, or makeup.

2. Remove the SkinLite Hydrogel mask from its pouch -- note that the mask has a top and bottom piece, which can be applied in no particular order.

3. Peel away the protective film from both sides and apply mask evenly and smoothly across the face.

4. Secure SkinLite Face Mask over your face with the attached Velcro straps.

5. Push the ON button to start the timer.

6. Discard SkinLite Hydrogel Mask after use.


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